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DC Metal Wars

On December, 17th, around 9 p.m. local time, the winners of the high-powered DC Metal Wars jibbing battle were announced in the Moscow’s famous Gorky park, where the top riders from Russia and Europe had been attacking the rails for a couple of hours solid. Toni Kerkela (Finland), Marc Swoboda (Austria) and Wojtek Pawlusiak (Poland) took the third, the second and the first spots respectively. The Russian star Denis Leontiev won the Best Trick award. 

It was the first time in Russia that an urban snowboarding event of such scale took place: the central location, the specially designed site and the figures developed by the Russian construction company FK Ramps, the hundred cubic meters of snow, the branded Nokia Lumia pavilion where one could test the features of the new Nokia Lumia 710 and Nokia Lumia 800, and – unprecedentedly – the total prize purse of $10 000 that was battled over by the 24 riders.

12 of the best riders followed on from semifinal to the final; those were the most intense 30 minutes of riding in the whole of the night, and the jury had to make up their minds on the winning three. Since the competition took place in the jam session format, the lines and tricks indicated below are the judges’ pick per rider out of the whole assortment of skills that had to be witnessed.

1. Wojtek Pawlusiak (Poland) – bs noseslide 270 out drop // cab 270 to nose – $4000
2. Marc Swoboda (Austria) – sw 50/50 to frontflip // 50/50 frontflip – $3000
3. Toni Kerkela (Finland) – fs 180 to sw tailpress // nosepress – $2000Best Trick – Denis Leontiev (Russia) – bs 360 to 50/50 – $1000